Pharma Solutions - For Better Tomorrow

Being one of the leading pharmaceutical product suppliers in India, Citric Labs is the fastest-growing and best PCD pharma company in India. As a leading and highly reliable pharmaceutical company, our concentration is on production and outsourcing the best products to meet the high-end medical supply needs.

Citric Labs specializes in manufacturing several products that suffice the need of every pharma industry. Tablets, capsules, ointments, syrups, injectable medications, oral medications, dry syrups, external liquids, drops, and many more are produced in high-end facilities.

Focusing on delivering the best to the nation, Citric Labs is a renowned pharmaceutical franchise that aims to deliver top-notch healthcare solutions in terms of pharma products to medical industries.

Pharma Solutions - For Better Tomorrow

Our Mission

With our years of experience in the field of pharmaceuticals, we are proud to work with a myriad of healthcare providers. Our mission is to deliver a premier quality of pharmaceutical products to our clients that enrich the Indian pharmaceutical market.

Citric Labs is a PCD pharma franchise, providing you with quality medications be they allopathic or ayurvedic, easily at affordable expenses. To those wondering what is PCD franchise, then to simply put, PCD franchise is an authorization given to a company for selling and distributing pharma products and medicines.

Collaborating with Citric Labs, you are ensured with high-quality medications that help in delivering the best medical support to each individual at comprehensive prices.

Our Mission - Citric Labs
Our Vision - Citric Labs

Our Vision

Our journey so far has been incredible. By keeping our focus on delivering far-reaching products and achieving excellence, Citric Labs have come so far as a 3rd party manufacturing industry in India.

To serve the nation with the best in the industry pharmaceutical products, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists and researchers that produces medications that seamlessly address medical concerns.

Citric Labs has a long-term vision of bringing the best medical care products to the healthcare sector. Our team is highly committed to providing you with easy access to the medications that are approved and made under the guidelines of WHO and ISO.

Why Choose Citric Labs?

Why Choose Citric Labs?

We supply a wide range of pharmaceutical products formulated under WHO and ISO guidelines. We provide genuine pharma solutions, which is why we create products that are manufactured in high-quality facilities. We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure, avant-garde technology, and highly experienced staff for the means of production. We have a vigorous supply chain, with strict control measures, offering the industry high-end pharma products and timely delivery.

Our Secret of Success

  • The well-versed and proficient team of professionals
  • Comprehensive and economical solutions
  • Biggest and reliable distribution network
  • Timely and efficient products delivery
  • Robust and safe supply chain

Let’s Appose High-Quality Pharmaceutical Solutions

Citric Labs is a dedicated, reliable, and growing PCD company in India – a company that is devoted to delivering better quality products marked on the industry standards. Our units are designed are properly ventilated, spacious, and have innovative machines, so none of our staff has any interruption in building the best products available to mankind. We have embraced professionalism and quality, which is why we are known second to none in terms of pharma products.